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Photo by Natalie Battaglia.

Jann was born on November 3, 1970 in Oak Lawn, Illinois. She lived in Riverdale, Illinois, until she left for college at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Today, Jann lives in Oak Park with her fiance. Her parents and older sister live in Batavia, Illinois.

Currently Jann is the Internet Portal Manager for DO-Online, a members-only web site for physician members of the American Osteopathic Association. Jann is also pursuing her Masters in Communication at Depaul University in Chicago.

When Jann isn't working or wedding planning, she enjoys reading, decorating her home, watching television and playing games with family and friends.

Stacy is the editorial cartoonist for The Times of Northwest Indiana in Munster, Indiana. Stacy has been employed by The Times since 1996. In addition to editorial cartoons, he fills in as an illustrator for the newspaper doing illustrations for various section fronts and stories.

Stacy also does various freelance projects and will have his first book published in the spring of 2004.

In the long term, Stacy hopes to be a children's book author and illustrator.

You can check out Stacy's work on his web site at:

Jann and Stacy got engaged on March 30, 2003 during a family vacation (Jann's family) to Brown County State Park in Indiana.

In June 2003, Stacy moved into Jann's townhouse in Oak Park. The townhouse has proved too small for the two of them and they plan to move shortly after the wedding. They really need a bigger house with a yard and to move closer to Stacy's office in Northwest Indiana.

Living together has been a learning experience for both of them as they try to split up the household chores, find room for all their stuff and negotiate television watching. Jann has learned to like a few animated comedies like "The Simpsons" while Stacy has learned to enjoy "Law and Order". Their favorite show, which they discovered together, is TLC's Trading Spaces.

Stacy loves going to the movies and has turned Jann on to his hobby. Now the two of them spend time most weekends either going to the cinema or renting a movie.